Assessments and Supervision

Prof. Dr. Susanne Mühleisen

Supervision from Research Projects and Final Thesis :
Habilitations Projects:
  • Annotated Speech-Acts in Dialogues 2010, PD Dr. Martin Weißer)
  • Postcolonial Pragmatics: Offers and refusals in a West African context (2015, PD Dr. Eric. Anchimbe)
  • Dissertation Projects
  • Ethnolects of Cameroon English: Pronunciation, Education, and EvolutionDr. Kelen Ernesta Fonyuy 2011)
  • The Businification of Politics: Media Discourse in South Africa (Dr. Irina Turner, 2013)
  • Speech act view of self-disclosure: self-praise and indirect complaints (Dr. Daria Dayter, 2014)
  • Regional Varieties of English in Kenya (Billian Otundo,(in preparation)
  • The Basic Narrative of National Unity and Peace in Cameroonian Political Speeches: A Discourse Analytical Perspective (Hector Fonkua, in preparation)
  • Emerging Patterns of Spoken Korean English ( Sofia Rüdiger, in preparation)
  • Gender in Media Discourse: Linguistic and Discursive Construction of Gender Identities in Nigerian Newspaper (Umar Ahmed, in preparation)
  • Beliefs and Attitudes in Female AIDS Patients´ Interactions with Doctors/Coucelors in HIV/AIDS Clinics in Southwestern Nigeria. (Eniola Boluwaduro, in preparation)
  • A Sociolinguistics Profile of the Chinese Diaspora Community in Cameroon. (Jocelyn Kenne Kenne, in preparation)
Betreuung von Abschlussarbeiten MA Intercultural Anglophone Studies und MA Sprache/Interaktion/Kultur:
  • 2013, Language and Identity in American Women's Magazines (Nicole Klug)
  • 2013: Discourse Markers in Singaporean English (Yifang Li)
  • 2013: Speech Acts of Refusal in Chinese Learners of English Interactions (Lei He)
  • 2013: Media Discourse in Britain: a Critical Discourse Analaysis (CDA) approach for the investigation of newspaper reports on the 2011 riots (Reedwan Habib)
  • 2013: Text Types across Cultures: Marriage ads in Indian newspapers (Stephanie Jagoda)
  • 2012: Forms of address in Russian to English Literary Translation (Ivan Savitsky)
  • 2012: Corporate Identity through Language: an analysis of corporate language use on the websites of publishing houses (Irina Goman)
  • 2012: Taboo and Euphemisms in US American and German Medical Advertisements: an Intercultural Comparison (Maria Herrmann)
  • 2012: Interference Phenomena in Russian 2nd Language Speakers of English: Forms of Address (Olga Rogozhina)
  • 2012: English Loanwords in Korean (Sofia Rüdiger)
  • 2012: Compliments and Compliment Responses in Turkish and German 2nd Language Speakers of English (Emrah Yalcin)
  • 2011: Discourse Markers in Varieties of English. A Comparative Study of Interaction in Radio Phone-ins in Singapore and South Africa (Rebecca Püttmann)
  • 2010: Modifications of Phraseological Units Containing Personal Names. A Corpus-based Analysis (Tzveta Kojouharova)
  • 2010: Phrasal Verbs in English. A Cognitive Approach (Tingting Pan)
  • 2010: Ritual Insults in North America: evolution and contemporary use (Daria Dayter)
  • 2010: French Influences on the Development of the English Language (with a comparative analysis of Gallicisms in the 20th Century) (Sylvia Komorowsky)
  • 2008: Luganda-English Code-switching among the Baganda in Uganda. Contexts, Domains, Types and Reasons of Occurrence (Jude Ssempuuma)
  • 2008: Cultranslation in Chinese-English Tourist Communication (Dan Chang)
  • 2008: The Translation of Chinese Idiomatic Expressions from the Perspective of Equivalence Theory (Shasha Liu)
  • 2008: A Comparison of English and Chinese Appellations in Intercultural Context (Yidan Li)
  • 2007: The Cooperative Principle. A Study of Grice’s Maxims in the Setting of Vietnamese Language Culture (Dinh Trong Pham)
  • 2007: Apologies in Political Discourse (Johanna Messling)
  • 2007: Code Switching among Anglophone Cameroonians in Germany (Suzanne Youndjous Wenge)
  • Member of the Jury for choosing a candidate for the Dissertation award (2005-2008) Deutschen Anglistenverbandes
  • Member and (2008) Chair of the Jury for choosing the promotional award from the Gesellschaft für Neue Englischsprachige Literaturen und Kulturen (2008 und 2012, 2013)
  • Reviewer (Area Linguistics) for the book serie GNEL in "Cross Cultures", Amsterdam & New York: Philadelphia
  • Reviewer for papers for the following Newspapers peer-reviewed :
    • English Text Construction;
    • Journal for Computer-Mediated Communication;
    • Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development;
    • Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages;
    • Multilingua - Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication;
    • Sargasso - Journal of Caribbean Literature, Language and Culture;
    • World Englishes